Arkansas CDL License Requirements

To become a truck driver in Arkansas, you may be required to obtain an Arkansas commercial driver's license (CDL). Commercial vehicles requiring a CDL license to drive in Arkansas are categorized based on the following criteria:

  • Class A: Combination vehicles weighing 26,001 pounds or more, with a trailer exceeding 10,000 pounds
  • Class B: Single or combination vehicles exceeding 26,001 pounds, with a trailer less than 10,000 pounds
  • Class C: Vehicles under 26,001 pounds carrying 16 or more passengers or transporting hazardous materials

According to Arkansas CDL requirements, applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a valid Arkansas driver's license and obtain a medical certificate. Transportation of cargo across state lines is regulated by the federal government and the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). USDOT requires all drivers who transport materials across state lines to be at least 21 years old. Applicants then need to take a general knowledge exam and a practical skills test, which includes a pre-trip vehicle inspection and an on-road driving test. For the driving test, applicants must use a vehicle in the same class for which they are trying to obtain a CDL license--for example, if you wish to obtain a Class B CDL, you must test in a Class B vehicle. Ref. http://www.dmv-department-of-motor-vehicles.com/AR_Arkansas_dmv_department_of_motor_vehicles.htm

To drive a truck with double/triple trailers, a truck with air brakes, a tanker truck or a school bus, additional endorsements may be required. If you wish to transport passengers or hazardous materials, additional endorsements may also be required. A background check by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) may be needed to transport hazardous materials (Hazmat endorsement). Truck driving schools may provide the training and education needed to pass the Arkansas CDL requirements.

Resources for Arkansas CDL Requirements

Visit the Arkansas Department of Finance And Administration website for more information.

Directory of Arkansas Truck Driving Schools

Forrest City: Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute
Address: 1620 Newcastle Rd Forrest City, Arkansas 72336
Phone: 870-633-5411

Fort Smith: University of Arkansas -Fort Smith
Address: 5401 S Zero St Fort Smith, Arkansas 72193
Phone: 479-788-7000

Harrison: North Arkansas College
Address: 1515 Pioneer Dr Harrison, Arkansas 72601
Phone: 870-391-3101

Hope: International Schools
Address: 2500 S Main St Hope, Arkansas 71802
Phone: 870-777-5722

Little Rock: Diesel Driving Academy
Address: 11001 Interstate 30 Little Rock, Arkansas 72209
Phone: 501-945-0964

Malvern: Mid-America Truck Driving School
Address: 375 Alcoa Road Malvern, Arkansas 72104
Phone: 501-844-4496

Marked Tree: Arkansas State University
Address: 33500 Hwy 63 E Marked Tree, Arkansas 72365
Phone: 870-358-2117

Nashville: Cossatot Cummunity College of University of Arkansas
Address: 1557 Hwy 371 W Nashville, Arkansas 71852
Phone: 870-584-4471

Newport: Arkansas State University
Address: 7648 Victory Blvd Newport, Arkansas 72112
Phone: 870-512-7841

North Little Rock: C1 Truck Driver Training
Address: 7303 Hwy 70 E North Little Rock, Arkansas 72117
Phone: 501-955-0400

Pine Bluff: Pine Bluff Truck Driving Schools
Address: 4208 Hwy 65 S Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601
Phone: 870-534-0800

West Memphis: Roadmaster
Address: 1550 Ingram Blvd, Ste D West Memphis, Arkansas 72301
Phone: 870-400-4090

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