How to Find a Truck Driving School

Truck driving schools may be found in all 50 states and are usually concentrated around major cities and towns. Trucking Schools' list of schools may help you find a truck driving school in your area. Once you have decided to explore a career in trucking, stop by your local motor vehicles office to obtain a CDL manual. This may explain the requirements and tests needed to obtain your CDL license.

There are three classes of commercial driver's licenses (Class A, B and C) depending on the type of vehicle you wish to drive. If you already know the type of truck you may be driving or the type of materials you may be hauling, make sure the school you choose offers training for the class of license you need. This may save you time. For cities where we have featured trucking driving schools, you may save time by requesting information through Trucking Schools.

 Find a CDL Training School in Your State

Trucking Schools has created two easy ways to find truck driving schools in your area. First, use the map below to find trucking schools in your state. For customized results based on your specific location, try searching by zip code with our search widget at the top of the page.

Truck Driving Resources and Job Outlook

Trucking Schools is an online resource for people looking to start their career in truck driving. With our list of trucking schools, CDL requirements for all 50 states and trucking resources written by current and former truck drivers, we have information you may need in one spot on the web. With the ability to request information directly from schools, you might find searching schools and contacting them simple.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2011 Data, truck driving is one of the largest occupations in the U.S. with over 2,867,400 jobs in 2010 (latest available data). Of the 2,867,400 jobs, 1,604,800 were heavy truck drivers or tractor-trailer drivers, and 1,262,600 were light truck drivers or delivery service drivers. The job outlook for truck drivers is favorable with an expected growth of 21 percent between 2010 and 2020. This represents approximately 330,100 new jobs as the economy grows.

Featured Trucking Schools

Matching School Ads
Matching School Ads

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Commercial Truck Driving Information

Becoming a trucking owner-operator may be a good career choice if you are dedicated, motivated, and prepared. Consider the pros and cons of long haul truck driving and becoming an owner-operator of your own trucking company.

Information about CDL License and the CDL Exam

Ready to obtain your commercial driver's license? There are several CDL license requirements and you must be prepared to pass the CDL exam. A truck driving school may help. Find out how.

Starting Your Truck Driving Career

So you want to become a truck driver? Learn what it takes to become a truck driver and you may consider enrolling in a truck driving school.

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