Commercial Truck Driving Information: What You Need to Know

If you bought it, a trucker brought it. Translated into everyday language, it means job security. There may be no outsourcing of jobs when it comes to backing up to a loading dock at an appliance manufacturer in Ohio. In fact, nearly every segment of product movement in the United States may involve trucks--whether it's bringing raw materials to a factory or delivering the finished product to a retail store and every step in between.

Long Haul Truck Driving: Everyone Has to Start Somewhere

A vast majority of truckers may get their start as a company employee doing long haul truck driving. This may be an opportunity and may provide the new driver much needed experience. Also, most major long haul truck driving companies offer benefit packages including medical and life insurance, paid vacations, 401k, and performance bonuses. Long haul truck driving does not necessarily mean coast to coast; in fact, most companies could be regional. Regional trucking usually involves only a few states, sometimes only inside your state, which means more home time. Another company driver option is local delivery. These jobs may require more experience but the benefits are obvious: home daily and usually a set schedule.

You're an Experienced Truck Driver. Now What?

Once you've proven yourself as a reliable driver, you may move into management. Trucking may have numerous career opportunities. Besides not having a boss leaning over your shoulder all day, most trucking companies promote from within their driver ranks. Dispatchers and managers most likely were drivers. These positions may include safety manager, fleet managers, terminal managers, and more. Another option is the trucking owner-operator. In fact, numerous trucking companies were started by one trucking owner-operator who only had one truck.

Owning Your Own Truck Driving Business

There is a large number of trucking companies that hire company drivers and then give them the option to lease to own their own truck. There are various pros and cons in owning your own truck.

Truck Driving: Not just Long Haul

Do not assume that all owner-operators are just long haul truckers. If you survey the truck driving landscape, you should notice a myriad of different trucks with different owners' names on the door. For example, one owner-operator once worked for an oil company that decided it was going to contract its deliveries of fuel. He scrapped enough money together to purchase one of their tanker trucks. As he became successful, he added another truck to his fleet. Today, his company has over 250 trucks and employs over 1,000 people.

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